Sunday, January 11, 2009

Full Size Cans: Philips SHP-805.

These cans are dubbed the "King of cheap cans" and with good reason. These set of open dynamic cans are plastic, nothing fancy, yet the performance vis-a-vis the price is unbelievable. Want a really cheap set of cans that will deliver good performance, then these will fit the bill. These are going for US$24.00 whilst the suggested retail price by the manufacturer is US$80.00.

So what do you get, take a look at the features and the specifications-


  • 40 mm speaker driver.
    • The 40 mm speaker driver is made of a composite mylar material for a highly sensitive yet powerful element that delivers sound without audible distortion.
  • Ergonomically shaped cushions.
    • The ergonomic ear cushion shape and luxurious velvety materials ensure a more comfortable fit and better bass performance thanks to reduced audio leakage.
  • Easy adjustable headband.
    • The easily adjustable mechanism provides a comfortable close fitting acoustic seal between the ear cushion and ear, ensuring optimal performance.
  • 3m cable.
    • A handy cable length to make it easier for you to move freely around while using your headphones.
  • Single-sided cable.
    • The cable is conveniently connected to just one side, considerably reducing the risk of tangling and simplifying winding the cable up for storage.


  • Acoustic system: Open dynamic.
  • Diaphragm: Mylar dome.
  • Frequency response: 10 - 28 000 Hz.
  • Magnet type: Ferrite.
  • Maximum power input: 1500 mW.
  • Speaker diameter: 40.
  • Voice coil: CCAW.
  • Sensitivity: 104.
  • Impedance: 32.
  • Type: Neodymium.
  • Connectivity.
  • Cable Connection: One-sided.
  • Cable length: 3m.
  • Connector: 3.5 & 6.3 mm stereo.
  • Finishing of connector: 24k Gold-plated.
  • Type of cable: OFC.
  • Adaptor plug: 3.5-6.3 mm.

So next time you see these on a rack, don't turn your nose up and snub them, for it may be the best US$24 you ever spend on a set of open back dynamic cans. If you are used to closed back dynamic cans, afraid to test the waters with a set of open back dynamic cans then these are a set of entry level open backs to let you test the waters and get your feet wet. For entry level open backs the are very good for value, sound wise, light weight and the ear cups are extremely comfortable (ear cups normally associated with much more expensive cans). Good detailing across the range with nice and tight bass without any muddness at all. Sound stage is fairly wide as well to boot.

Parameter Review Results:

  • Bass Extension: 6.6
  • Bass Impact: 7.5
  • Bass Quality: 6.5
  • Mid Quality: 6.o
  • High Quality: 5.5
  • Soundstage: 6.5
  • Detail: 6.5
  • Portability: 1.0
  • Isolation: 1.0
  • Comfort: 6.5
  • Durability: 4.0
  • Value: 9.0

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