Saturday, November 8, 2008

Custom Made Cmoy Portable Amplifier With Bass Boost In Hand Crafted Wooden Case.

The photos show a custom handmade Cmoy portable headphone amp with bass boost. It is built from scratch. It is enclosed in a beautiful case made of exotic padauk and zebra wood, and finished in glossy lacquer. the Cmoy amplifier itself features an alps potentiometer with built in power switch, an OPA2227 opamp, vishay caps, nichicon 470uf power cap, 1% metal film surface mount resistors, a TLE2426 rail splitter with noise reduction, and a new faceplate design that lets the led shine through from the back. it measures about 3x3x1.125 inches. flip the switch on the front for a powerful bass boost, or leave it off for natural flat frequency response.

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Anonymous said...

Wow nice job, I really like your work I will have to have a go at making my self one.