Sunday, November 9, 2008

Clip On Over Ear Cans: Dunu DN-C60 (From China)

The Dunu DN-C60 clip over the ear cans are in similar styling to the Koss KSC-75 cans and indeed they have been rated at the KSC-75 equivalents of China. They come in black and white versions and those of you who have a pair of the modestly priced Koss KSC-75 can will probably be enticed by the sound qualities and attributes of the Dunu DN-C60 which provide very adequate bass and all rounded tonal range through mid and high ranges. I do not personally like clip on over ear cans that much and this testament is shown by the number in my collection. But these are worthy to keep in any collection. These are open back dynamic cans and are said to employ Dunu's proprietary "Super Bass Frequency Technology", but I do not understand enough Chinese to know what exactly is involved:

40MM特殊强磁性汝磁铁超大扬声器单元,根本上保证音乐高品质的回放效果。 耳机采用了独家研发的能有效提高随身听音质的“全音域增强系统” [商品说明] 类 型:动圈式40mm 灵敏度:102±3dB(1000Hz/mW) 电 阻:40Ω±10%(DC) 通 道 差:3dB(at 1000Hz) 额定功率:8mW 插 头:φ3.5mm立体声插头*2 最大功率:50mW SMARTER数码频道为广大网民提供数码产品的选购、评测、应用、新闻和技术参数等相关内容。达音科 DN-C60是耳机/耳麦行业的知名品牌,聪明点为您精心挑选了此款达音科 DN-C60的相关销售商家信息,您可以在本页...

DN-C60 Specifications:

Drivers: 40mm diameter
Imp.: 40 ohms
freq.: 7 ~ 24KHz
min. power: 8 mW
max. power: 50 mW
eff.: 102 dB

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