Sunday, November 9, 2008

Audio Technica Limited Edition ATH-ESW10JPN

Audio Technica recently released the very limited edition ATH-ESW10JPN. The suffix JPN denoting Japan and meaning that this headphone is only available as a limited edition for release in the Japanese domestic market. It is unavailable elsewhere. The ATH-ESW10JPN is a new version of the ATH-ESW9. There really are no big improvements that can be immediately seen, it still features a 42mm driver, and provides a frequency response of 5Hz-35,000Hz, a sensitivity of 102dB / mW, an impedance of 45 ohms, and accepts up to 1000mW of input power. With housing made of finest wood from the African Paduak tree same as the ATH-ESW9.

There has been some talk in Head-Fi circles that a fake ATH-ESW9 had invaded the local market here in Hong Kong, but checking out the sources quoted I have yet to find such copies emerge. It is doubtful that such fakes would be reproduced since the effort placed into making such woodies would mean fairly high prices, the type of wood used would need to imported at fairly high cost. I do hope that such fakes do not emerge!

¥60,900.(税抜 ¥58,000.)

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