Sunday, November 8, 2009

TTI TSC3000R Wide Band Handheld Receiver.

A relatively new product is the Korean made TTI Wide band handheld receiver model TSC3000R:

Click on the photos of the catalog below to enlarge the specifications, an interesting piece of equipment.


The radio is a nice palm size package and well built, it is RoHS compliant. It comes packed with a nice desktop charger stand (instead of the usual wall wart adapter, nice touch!) with wall wart transformer, SMA antenna, lanyard, earphone, Li-ON rechargeable battery. It does look quite attractive in it's charger stand on the desk and so much more professional.

The box as can be seen is quite minimalist, a plain brown box with very simple printing. Expense has been spared which is actually good since most of us do not care about the boxes after unpacking. Nevertheless the internal packing is very expertly thought out with individual small boxes for each component adding protection and overall strength to the overall package.


1300 Memories

44 Banks (Variable Memory)

Maunal Memory (1000)

Auto Memory (200)

Programmed Scan Memory (50)

Dual Watch Memory (50)

Scan/ Search

Squelch Adjustment

Numeric Keyboard

Mode Change (AM/ NFM/ WFM)

Tone Refection
Reset (Fall/ Partial)
Replaceable Antenna

Electrical Specification

General Specification

Frequency Range : 150KHz ~ 1309.995 MHz

Variable Step(5,6.25,8.33*,9**,10,12.5,15,20,25,30,50,100,500KHZ)

Size (H x W x D) : 98 mm x 62.5 mm x 32.6 mm (w/o Antenna)

Power Supply


Charging of the initial battery took about 3 hours for full charge., the LED runs red color when charging and will switch to green color when fully charged. Functions of the buttons are fairly user friendly and I was able to navigate around without first having to refer to the users manual. The manual was adequate in instruction but a bit awkward in reading.

As to be expected reception and operation for frequencies about 50MHz was adequate with the supplied SMA rubber duckie antenna. For reception of MW to HF this is not adequate unless you are in wide open spaces or on top of a hill. A separate telescopic whip would be necessary to improve upon HF reception.

I have not yet tried it with a large external antenna and suspect it may overload the front end, but to be fair that remains to be seen. I need to get a SMA to BNC or SMA to PL259 adapter in order to test it with external antennas. It would be worthwhile if the manufacturer included such adapters as part of the standard package. Selectivity and sensitivity from 30MHz > is very good and I was able to pick up signals very easily. More Later!

Portable Antenna Choice:

I will be using a Diamond SRH-789 shortly with this receiver to see what improvements can be further made to the overall reception.

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