Saturday, November 21, 2009

Digital Technology Professional 3.5" Color LCD Monitor and Digital Satellite Finder

Detailed Product Description

3.5 inch TFT LCD Satellite Finder - Model: CY70350

The Digital Technology 3.5" Color LCD Monitor and Digital Satellite Finder is a professional grade piece of equipment. The installation of satellite TV receiver systems by professionals requires a tailored and dedicated apparatus, it is based on the actual installation works for each satellite's needs tot set up satellite television receivers properly, LCD image display, and high-brightness LED digital control signal quality parameters and high-performance integrated lithium polymer battery are all integral. User-friendly and designed for outdoor carrying and use for satellite TV receiver systems engineering and technical personnel requiring to install special equipment will find this piece of equipment indispensable. As with instrument grade equipment the housing is aluminium and tilt bails are provided for easy viewing.

Just connect up an appropriate parabolic dish antenna and LNB. This is one of my favorite pieces of equipment. There is also a selector for video output or video input and it doubles up as a minature color monitor. Very useful.


Main parameters: TFT 3.5 "(73*51mm)
Battery pack: DC 7.4V 4000mAh (built-in)
A/V output: Video RCA/S-Video;Audio RCA left/right/stero channel
Input voltagen: DC8.5V
Input impedance: 75 Ω(Type F)
Input frequency: 950-2150 MHZ
Input level: -65 ~-25dBm
Threshold: 4.1 dB
Demodulation: QPSK
Video decode: ISO/IEC 13818-ZMP @ML NTSC/PAL
Audio decode: ISO/IEC 13818-3Layerl & 2
Size: 165 * 125 * 80 mm
Weight: 810 g (including battery pack)

3.5-inch TFT LCD
Has English menu
Built-in lithium polymer batteries, for an external power source, can work for longer than three hours
AV output function, signal quality by the Dual Screen, LCD and digital display
Aluminum case for sturdiness
Small size. light weight. easy to carry

Package Contains
1 x 3.5" Digital Satellite Finder (Include Rechargeable Battery)
1 x Wireless Remote Control
1 x Adaptor
1 x User Manual

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