Sunday, October 11, 2009

Timewave DSP-59+ Digital Audio Filter.

The Timewave DSP-59+ Digital Audio Filter uses 16 bit linear Sigma- Delta processing and the signal processor is a 16 bit, 77ns Analog Devices ADSP-2105. Unfortunately you cannot find this filter anymore as a brand new item off the shelf since is is no longer manufactured, the good news is that they are readily available secondhand on eBay and are relatively cheap. It is certainly worthwhile picking up one if you have one of the older vintage analog communications receiver.

My DSP-59+ is a version 3.0 and is permanently now connected between my JRC NRD-515 receiver and the NVA-319 speaker.

The adaptive NR works a dream on AM removing allot of unwanted noise making listening much more pleasing to the ear and less fatiguing. On SSB generally it does well, but some noise is difficult to remove, I would only rate it a 4 out of 5 for SSB.

The unit does really well with RTTY and CW though.

The different bandwidths that can be set for CW really make a difference and with the NRD-515 filter on narrow and the DSP-9+ on narrow, the recovered audio is clear and sharp down to very low signal levels.

The auto audio notch filter is extremely good and will remove the carriers that tune are on your frequency whilst you're trying to receive a DX station, although there is some interaction when you select the notch and the noise reduction simultaneously.

If you can get one of these Timewave DSP-9+'s for the right price, then buy it if only to get rid of the occasional carrier on the frequency when chasing DX.

It will improve the audio on noisy bands and make listening easier in most cases but not all.

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