Saturday, October 17, 2009

RX and TX Distribution Management.

Well I decided to do a bit more about my station RX and TX distribution and tidy up the cable management and distribution at the same time, this will be the first in a series of distribution panels that I will be putting together for the station. This one primarily deals with the mounting of various splitters that I use for my communications receivers, 50MHz low pass and bandpass filters and two Kenwood SWT-1 & 2 VHF/UHF tuners.

The equipment on the distribution panel comprises of:

RX Side:

1. 1 x "Eight" 8 way passive RX splitter PAS-SPL 8, 5-1000MHz;

2. 1 x "Super" 2 way passive RX splitter 1022, 5-1000MHz;
3. 1 x "Super" 3 way passive RX splitter 1023, 5-1000MHz;

4. 1 x "Maspro" 4 way splitter CSP4D, 10-2655MHz;

5. 1 x "Maspro" 3 way splitter CSP3D, 10-2655MHz;

TX Side:

1. 1 x "ICE" 412W, 50-54MHz Bandpass Filter, M-norm;

2. 1 x "ICE" 426, DC-54MHz, 9th degree Low Pass Filter, N-norm;
3. 1 x "Kenwood" SWT-1, 144-148MHz tuner;

4. 1 x "Kenwood" SWT-2, 430-450MHz tuner.

For my next panel I will be do a coaxial switching arrangement for my HF Bandpass filters.

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