Sunday, June 7, 2009

Poem: Intolerant Egotistical Old Man.

Today I met an intolerant
egotistical old man so proud
and so full of himself that he
could not see right from wrong.

So filled with notions that only
what he could see as far as his nose
was right and true no matter
how wrong he may be.

I felt sorry for this old fart,
since he will not be able to mend
his ways since his days he
would be counting.

Sorry that he has fewer and
fewer friends, his insolence so
overpowering like the stench from
an age old sewer.

For he cannot see, even
with his reading glasses, these would
not help since his mind is shut.
Shut from all truths.

He is purging his life,
purging his life away of all friends and
acquaintances because he is
so filled with his own selfish
and egotistical beliefs.

He is right and everyone
is wrong, if that were true
then let me be counted by
him amongst those in the wrong.

As I do not want to become
an Intolerant Egotistical Old Man
like him alone in his last

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