Saturday, June 20, 2009

6H30P-DR "Super Tube"

A double triode, this is an unusual 6922 tube variant (sometimes called the 6H30, 6N30 or 6N30P) which is used in the BAT VK-50SE pre-amp by Balanced Audio Technologies. Sovtek has purchased the factory where they were made and is now importing them for BAT owners. Even though this a variant to the 6922 tube, this tube can not be used in place of 6DJ8 or 6922 tubes in other pre-amps; it can only be used in equipment that is designed for the 6H30!

The 6H30P-DR Super tube is the absolute top grade of the 6H30 tube type. To be certified a DR grade this tube had to pass lengthy and rigorous testing meaning it is much better than the 6H30P-EB or EV versions. It's original use was in critical space and military applications within the Soviet Union. This is the same 6H30 Super tube was dubbed the Super tube by Balanced Audio Technology in use in BAT equipment. The 6H30P-DR tube is also known as 6H30P-DP and 6N30P-DR.

"6H30 Data"

Lifetime not less 10000-20000h! Highly-durable and extra long life, double triode with separate cathodes. Orginal application was for use in pulse mode in special equipment for space by Soviets.

6H30 is now used in reference level pre-amplifiers of Audio Research and Conrad Johnson to name a few.

  • Name: 6N30P-DR
  • Type: Double triode with separate cathodes, highly-durable, extended-life span
  • Application: application in pulse mode in special equipment
  • Cathode: type oxide, indirect heating
  • Envelope: glass, miniature
  • Mass,g: 20
  • Filament voltage,V: 6,3
  • Filament current,A: 0,725-0,9
  • Anode voltage,V: 80
  • Anode current,A: 0,03-0,05(3A in pulse)
  • Anode power,W: 4
  • Steepness,mA/V: 15,0-23,0
  • Microphnic noise,mV: 50
  • Gain: 12,0-18,0
  • Socket type: rsh8
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