Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Live in the Country, Work in the City.

I have been living out in the country side near to the Chinese border for three years now. I decided to move out to Fanling and give up the convenience of the so called city life because I was sick of the noise, bad air quality and general decline in the overall quality of life. Before the move, the work commute was a ten minute journey.

MTR East Rail Fanling Station:

The commute now for me from my home to and from work via the train is now 1.5 hours each leg. Even so I think that I could not have made a better choice, the general quality of life is greatly improved, there is no noise or light pollution where I am (I can do allot of star gazing) and the fresh air is just amazing.

Inside a old Walled Village (Fanling)

Before my move I was surrounded by nothing but a concrete jungle, now I am surrounded by birds and trees and a designated country park which is just 10 minutes away from my door step. The nearest skyscrapers are at least a good 7-8 kM away so there is nothing higher then 3 storeys. Would I change my life style now, not for love or money. I love Fanling and am so happy I made the decision to move to the country side.

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