Friday, December 12, 2008

Japan Radio Company NRD-515 Receiver.

The legendary Japan Radio Company NRD-515 earned a reputation in it's heyday for outstanding quality and unparalleled performance. This professional radio receiver covers 100 kHz to 30 MHz in RTTY, CW, USB, LSB and AM modes. It is an undisputed performer for RTTY/FAX reception, coming from a professional marine radio manufacturing tradition for which JRC is synonymous. A digital VFO with with phase lock loop synthesizer, combined with a photo-type rotary shaft encoder resulting in tuning totally free of any backlash. Up-conversion double superheterodyne circuit virtually eliminates any imaging. Just select the desired Megahertz via the MHz knob and then tune the main tuning knob or use the rapid up-down toggle switch. Effective passband tuning is provided to eliminate adjacent channel interference during CW/SSB reception. Selectivity can be selected independent of mode. 6.0 and 2.4 kHz filters are provided as well as two additional slots for optional filtering Other refinements include an antennuator, Delta (Fine) Tuning, accurate calibrates "S" Meter, effective Noise Blanker and External VFO provision. The rear has provisions for antenna input and speaker output jacks as well as a connectors for the optional memory or keypad connections. This radio requires a speaker such as the matching NVA-515. Optional NDH-515 or NDH-518 external memories match this radio. JRC also offered the NCM-515 wired frequency controller. The NRD-515 matched NSD-515 Transmitter and was deemed a top of the class amateur radio set up in it's heyday. These sets are rare and prized by collectors who value quality engineering. The whole front panel was die cast and all knobs were metallic.

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