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The K-x combines solid photographic performance with a wide array of advanced features at an affordable price. It features PENTAX's innovative in-body Shake Reduction mechanism for sharper blur-free images, 12.4 megapixel CMOS sensor, comprehensive Dust Removal system, HD movie capture and high-speed continuous shooting of approximately 4.7 frames per second in its ultra-compact body. These features, along with the user-friendly PENTAX-original Auto Picture mode and Live View with a choice of three different focusing modes assure great results every time.

This K-x one-lens kit includes the smc PENTAX-DA L 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL lens which covers the wide-angle to medium-telephoto ranges.

High-quality image reproduction
The 12.4 MP CMOS image sensor assures high-speed image data readout and more flexible response to varying ISO sensitivity levels and can faithfully and accurately reproduce true-to-life images with fine detail and rich colour depth. It not only offers a wide sensitivity range between ISO 200 and ISO 6400, but also allows you to expand the sensitivity range between ISO 100 and ISO 12800 via a custom function, giving greater creative freedom to the more adventurous photographer. The PRIME (PENTAX Real Image Engine) II imagine engine, offers greater data processing speed and enhanced capability to produce higher-quality images with richer, more accurate colour rendition, as well as faster transmission speed of movie data.

High-precision 11-point AF sensor
The wide-frame SAFOX VIII autofocus system features 11 sensor points (with nine cross-type sensors positioned in the middle) to automatically capture even off-centered subjects in sharp, crisp focus. Select from 11 or 5 points or manually select any one of the sensors as the focusing point to accommodate specialized applications.

Compact, lightweight body
Despite the incorporation of the large 23.6mm x 15.8mm image sensor, the K-x is one of the most compact, lightweight digital SLR cameras available. It offers easy one-handed operation.

Live View function with choice of three focusing modes
The Live View function allows you to view the image on the LCD monitor during shooting. Select from a choice of three different focusing modes during Live View shooting: Contrast AF, which optimizes the focus based on the subject's contrast; Face Detection AF, which automatically detects up to 16 faces, selects the main subject's face from multiple faces, then captures it in sharp focus; and Phase Difference AF, which uses the AF sensor positioned in the camera body to optimize focus on the subject. Coupled with the half press focus activation, this gives unprecedented ease of use in Live View.

HD Movie Capture
The movie recording function extends the benefits of high-quality SLR photography to the world of movie shooting. It captures beautiful, true-to-life movie clips in 16:9 high-definition TV proportions (1280 x 720 pixels) at a frame rate of 24 frames per second.

PENTAX-original SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism
The PENTAX-developed SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism effectively compensates the adverse effect of camera shake by as much as four shutter steps, assuring sharp, blur-free images even under demanding shooting conditions. This innovative mechanism is compatible with almost all existing PENTAX interchangeable SLR lenses – both old and new.* * Lenses compatible with this mechanism are the PENTAX K-, KA-, KAF-, KAF2- and KAF3-mount lenses; screw-mounted lenses (with an adapter); and 645- and 67-system lenses (with an adapter). Some functions may not be available with certain lenses.

High-speed continuous shooting
The K-x's high-speed continuous shooting mode records as many as 17 images (in JPEG recording format) at a maximum speed of approximately 4.7 images per second at 1/125 second shutter speed – the fastest of all entry-class models. Its top shutter speed of 1/6000 second allows you to preserve sharp, crisp images of fast-moving subjects.

Innovative image processing functions to produce distinctive photographic effects
(i) Digital filter function
This function allows you to process recorded images in a variety of creative ways within the camera and produce highly creative visual expressions. With a choice of 16 different filters, you can even apply different filters, one after another, to a single image to create more personalized visual effects.
(ii) Cross process mode
The K-x features the new cross process mode, in which the camera automatically and randomly shifts photographic parameters for each exposure to create eye-catching images with unique colours – just like pictures treated with the cross process*** in film photography. This playful mode adds the elements of surprise and unpredictability to digital photography as you cannot expect the outcome until the captured image is actually displayed on the camera's LCD monitor. *** A film development technique that takes advantage of unconventional film developers to create a distinctive finishing touch with intriguing colours.

Other features
  • Energy efficient circuit design for longer battery life, capable of capturing approximately 1,900 images with four AA-size lithium batteries
  • Custom Image function to create unique finishing touches including the exclusive PENTAX B&W Infrared Mode DR (Dust Removal) mechanism to eliminate dust spots on recorded images and DUST ALERT to visually check for the adhesion of dust to the image sensor.
  • 2.7-inch, high-resolution wide viewing angle colour LCD monitor with approximately 230,000 dots Auto Picture mode for effortless, automatic selection of the most appropriate shooting mode, even during Live View shooting
  • HDR (high dynamic range) function to create one composite image with an extra-wide dynamic range from three different exposures
  • White balance control, featuring a new CTE mode to emphasize the colour components of sunset scenes features preview of the white balance while adjusting settings. The white balance can be saved from an existing image
  • Status screen for easy, at-a-glance confirmation and adjusting of various settings on the LCD monitor
  • Ten scene modes, with selection via simple icons
  • Automatic compensation for lens distortion and lateral chromatic aberration (available only with DA and D FA series lenses)
  • In camera RAW processing of single or multiple images is possible with adjustment of the image parameters.
  • Includes the PENTAX Digital Camera Utility 4 software package, with RAW-data processing and browser applications

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