Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Runsheng Disc Demagnetizer SH-2A

How does an aluminum disc magnetize? The inks used on the the disc label may contain materials that can pick up a magnetic charges as they are moved in and out of their case and the CD transport, and whilst spun at high speeds. The impact of this magnetization is very acute on older discs, which can be sonically rejuvenated with a Disc Demagnetizer. But even brand new CD's, DVD's, Blu-Ray, and other formats will benefit.

Each demagnetizing cycle takes about 8 seconds. After the first cycle, turn the disc over, and run the second cycle.

Originally developed by Japanese companies who marketed such products at a very high price, the Chinese made Runsheng SH-2A does the same job at 1/4 to 1/5 of the cost of Japanese products. I tried the cycles on a few of my favorite CD's and I immediately noticed they sounded cleaner, quieter, bass was tighter, mid and upper registers had sparkle and have luster.

The Chinese Runsheng SH-2A is retailing for US$62.00 and is a steal compared to the price of similar Japanese products. It is marketed in NA under a different name and also not at such a low price.

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