Thursday, September 24, 2009

Full Size Cans: Kanen KM-880 Wooden Headphones.

Technical Data :

Driver Units: 40mm
Frequency Range: 20-20.000Hz
Sensitivity: 104 dB ( at1 KHz, 1mW )
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Cord: Single-sided (separated)
Cord Length(approx): 2.1m
Jack: 3.5mm, nickel-plated

First Impressions :

The headphone closely resembles the Targus wooden cans previously reviewed here. They come packed in a see through blister pack together with a microphone (Separate) which can be used with your computer sound card.

The Kanen KM-880 wooden headphones are a product of China and the price is ridiculous as they are being sold for US$15.50.

Right out of the box they sounded very good and I would say exceptional, exceeding the price value paid. They are great for bass head with a very extended and well controlled tight bass, no muddiness at all. The overall tonal balance was quite a surprise to me since the mid range was well balanced and the highs were nicely extended and crisp, the cohesion was good.

The plastic headband maybe a failing component later as I can foresee the plastic becoming brittle later on, but at such a low price who really cares! The wood appears to be similar to the Targus (maple???). Without any burning in these headphones sounded good out of the box and were pleasing to the ears, with furter burning they may open up even further.

I tested these using the Tsinghua University G&W TW-J1 SS headphone amplifier connected to a Sony D-NE730 discman and listened to them with only one disc that was on the study table at the time - "Mindi Abair's Come as you are", the saxophone rendition throughout Mindi's album sounded very sweet and seductive.

I did not notice any discomfort and in fact found them quiet comfortable and light. For under US$16.00, I would say go for it - you get a pair of wooden cans which sound not at all bad.

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