Sunday, July 12, 2009

HLLY MK-III 3 "Super Tube" Headphone Amplifier.

The Hlly MK-III 3 "Super Tube" Headphone Amplifier is a clone of the Little Dot MK-IV headphone amplifier. The Hlly employs the GE5654 x 2 for drivers and of course the "Super Tubes" - Sovtek 6H30 PI x 2 for power (as mentioned earlier in another blog entry these tubes are a variant of the 6DJ8 but cannot be substituted directly). The 6H30 is dubbed as the "Super Tube" by BAT and used in their high end audio equipment as well as many renowned manufacturers.The Hlly has the same basic looks and build quality is on a par with the Little Dot but the price is not as high. I will be giving more details on this "Super Tube" headphone amplifier shortly but just to let you know what I think so far - "It will knock your socks off" and will challenge some of the best tube amps sonically!

My Hlly is paired up to my Elekit TU-884CD limited edition CD player which employs a 12AU7 tube for audio output (see separate blog article on the Elekit TU-884CD). But for now here are some first picks of the "Super Tube" amp from Hlly:

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