Sunday, May 10, 2009

Headphone Acoustics Reference CD : By Philips

The Headphone Acoustics Reference CD was produced by Philips specifically for reviewing and testing of headphones and is quite a useful CD to have around. The market price is around $20.00.

Track List:
  1. JWO Band : Release Yourself
  2. Primtose Path : Time after time
  3. Edward Val :Two of us
  4. Pennellion : Mona was here name
  5. Barber Shop Boys : Cape God
  6. L'Imperevu :Handel - The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
  7. Jazz Gazz :Drive through
  8. Trio Peter Beets :Let's go
  9. Jump Beats :Percussions
  10. Mister Groeneveld :Percussive improvement
  11. Tramontana :An old friend
  12. Cantus ex Corde :Kolj Slawajen
  13. Utrechtsch Studenten :Tchaikovsky-Symphony no.1 part 2
  14. 28. STS Sound Library :A journey into live sound

Equipment used in Recording this CD:

Microphones Schoeps CMC6 with MK2H Capsules
Cables Siltech
Recorders Marantz CDR 640/outside CDR 300
Mixer Reportimix Eela Audio
A/D converter Weiss ADC1 Gambit series
Headphone Philips HP890/HP1000
Mains cabling Kemp Elektroniks
Mains filter Kemp Elektroniks

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