Sunday, March 29, 2009

Source: Philips MCD-716 System.

At present in the study I am using a Philips MCD-716 system as the source for driving the Little Dot MkVI Tube Headphone Amplifier, I also use it to test a number of headphone amplifiers from time to time. I find the MCD-716 is a very good system with well balanced sound. It shall be hook up to a Havana Tube DAC very shortly before being further feed to the Little Dot Mk VI. I am so far very pleased with the results.

With the MCD-716 came a pair of piano black gloss finish two way bookself speakers, just the speakers are worth the package since the tweeters are ribbon tweeters and the upper mid range and higher frequencies are reproduced with exceptional clarity. This is a nice little back up system.

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