Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wooden Cans: Targus AEH02AP

Targus is a company known for making bags and computer accessories and not normally associated with making headphones. So it was with much intrigue and interest to learn more when I found out they made headphones, not just the run of the mill ones but some wood cans dubbed the Targus AEH02AP.


It does appear these are Chinese OEM headphones made for Targus. The wood used appears to be Pine and not Basswood as some have speculated. There is unfortunately no information given on the SQ (frequency range), but from my intial test the bass extension is low so I suspect the range may be at least 10 - 20,000Hz.

I shall not be repeating my findings here since they have already been covered in my thread on Head-fi, click to read the whole thread and debates: Specs: Targus AEH02AP

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